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Database Administrator Career Future Job Outlook

The employment of database administrators is expected to be among the fastest growing occupations. As technology becomes more complex, employers demand a higher level of expertise. Individuals with an advanced degree in computer science, computer engineering or an MBA with a concentration in information systems should enjoy very favorable employment prospects. But those with the right experience and training can work in this field regardless of their college major or level of formal education.

Database Administrator Career Facts

Database administrators are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations due to the rapid expansion of computer applications.

Database Administrator Career Description

With the Internet and electronic business creating tremendous volumes of data, there is an increasing need to be able to store, manage and extract data. Database administrators use database management systems software to determine ways to organize and store this data.

Database Administrator Career Details

Among the duties of database administrators are the determination of data requirements, setting up computer databases and testing and coordinating changes. An organization's database administrator is responsible for ensuring performance, understanding the platform the database runs on and the addition of new users.

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Database Administrator Career Specializations

Since they may design and implement system security, they often plan and coordinate security measures. Since the volume of sensitive data is growing rapidly, an increasingly important aspect of the job for database administrators is maintaining data integrity, backup and keeping databases secure.

Database Administrator Career Working Environment

Database administrators typically work in offices or computer laboratories in comfortable surroundings. They usually work about 40 hours a week, however, evening or weekend work may be necessary to meet deadlines or solve specific problems. Telecommuting is becoming common for a wide range of computer professionals including database administrators. Like other workers who spend large amounts of time in front of a computer terminal typing at a keyboard, they are susceptible to eyestrain, back discomfort and hand and wrist problems.

Database Administrator Career Required Training

Due to the growing number of qualified applicants and the specialization involved with most programming tasks, the level of education and experience employers seek has been rising. Bachelor's degrees are commonly required, although some may qualify for certain jobs with two-year degrees or certificates. Even with a degree, employers seem to be placing more emphasis on previous experience for all types of computer professionals.

Database administrators must be able to think logically and have good communication skills. They often deal with a number of tasks simultaneously; the ability to pay close attention to detail and concentrate is important. Although they sometimes work independently, they often work in teams on large projects. They must have the ability to communicate effectively with computer personnel, users or other staff who may have no technical computer background.

Database Administrator Career Coursework

Technical or professional certification is one way to demonstrate a level of competency in a particular field. Product vendors or software firms also offer certification and may require professionals who work with their products to be certified. Many employers regard these certifications as the industry standard. One method of acquiring the knowledge necessary to become a database administrator is to you're your certification in a specific type of database management. While voluntary certification is available through other organizations, professional certification may provide job seekers with a competitive advantage.

Database Administrator Salary

Median Salary--$73,490 in 2010

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