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Auto Detailing - A Look Inside the Career

Establishing a career in auto detailing is very similar to the process of becoming an auto repair technician with the exception of some of the knowledge and skills involved. Both formal and on-the-job training are suggested if you want to become a fully skilled auto detailer. This is mainly due to the fact that advances in technology have changed and continue to change the structure, components, and materials used in and on automobiles. As a professional auto detailer, you have to keep up with advances in technology and materials.

The most important skill in auto detailing, other than a basic knowledge of cars, is an understanding of the different chemicals used in detailing. Auto detailers need to know whether certain chemicals are used for cleaning the interior or exterior of a car, if they are used for removing rust and other types of corrosion, or if they deal with the car's paint job.

Specific Knowledge and Training

The job of an auto detailer, summed up very simply, is to make a car's interior and exterior appearance look as new as possible.
Interior cleaning, while not the first thing a customer may notice when approaching their freshly detailed car, is definitely one of the most important aspects of a professional detail. Within the industry it is considered the thing that can make or break a detailing job.

When dealing with the interior of a car, the detailer must have extensive knowledge of the many different ways to clean, including but not restricted to: how to correctly vacuum, air purge the nooks, clean the headliner, prevent glass streaking, care for plastics, clean the dash board and console crevices, remove stains, eliminate odors and clean and condition any vinyl and leather.

Detailing the exterior of the vehicle is a completely different matter than detailing and cleaning the interior. Exterior cleaning involves washing the car, caring for the tires and wheels, and of course, preparing the surface and caring for the paint. For the exterior, extensive knowledge of polishers, buffers, power washers, and chemicals used to remove water spots, paint blemishes and scratches is necessary.


Becoming a professional auto detailer requires the proper education on many fronts. In general, all of the knowledge listed above can be learned from many different sources, including auto detailing schools, seminars and books. Many of these auto detailing schools can be found online, and some may be in your own back yard.


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