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Architect Career - Working Environment

Architect Career Description

Architects design strong durable buildings that exhibit beauty, magnificence, and strength. They insure buildings are aesthetically beautiful while remaining functional, safe and economical. They are the artistic creators of metropolises, churches, homes, and more.

Architect Career Details

Architects and their clients participate in a long and rewording process by which their works are created. In a four step process architects design and refine their art into something tangible. Step one: architects meet with their client to talk about the appropriate budget and requirements for the project. Step two: the architect draws the initial sketches for review. The final construction plans are then discussed in step three between the architect and the client. 

These plans include the nuances of the building along with the structural system, air-conditioning, heating, and ventilating systems, and the electrical system, plumbing, and landscaping plans. They will also discuss the building materials and interior furnishings that will be used. At this stage architects make sure they have followed all the required building codes, zoning laws, and fire regulations. 

Architects may help the client find a contractor and will meet with the contractor throughout the duration of the project to check on construction. Even when construction is finished an architect may visit the site to be sure facilities are moving smoothly.

Architect Career Specializations

Architects tend to specialize in one type of design. Whether they specialize in industrial parks, colleges, churches or another type of architecture, beauty and functionality are major focuses. Architects also focus on middle or minimal design work, working with engineers, urban planers, interior designers, and landscape architects.

Programs to Consider:

Architect Career Required Training

Every state requires that its architects are registered. Meanwhile architects can continue their architectural work. The requirements for registration needed are: a professional degree, a period of internship, and they must pass the Architect Registration Examination. 

There are different types of professional degrees that architects may receive. Those with a high school diploma and who have some training take five years to move through a Bachelor in Architecture program. For students with an undergraduate degree, there are schools which offer two year programs in which participants can receive their masters. For students in other disciplines, some schools offer masters with three or four year programs.

Architect Career Coursework

Course work for those receiving degrees in architecture will be required to study architectural history and theory, building design, structures, technology, construction methods, professional practice, mathematics, physical sciences, and liberal arts while working to achieve their degrees. Prospective students should have strong backgrounds in the arts as well as being computer literate.

Architect Career Future Job Outlook

Architectural occupations are expected to grow as much as other careers in the next decade. However, applicants face much competition because the number of degree holders is increasing. The number of applicants, at times, can exceed the number of jobs, which shift with economic changes. As the level of building increases, so will the number of job opportunities for the architect. Job opportunities for architects specializing in the designing of malls, business offices, and more respond to changes in the economy. Those specializing in school and hospital designs will find steadier work opportunities.

Architect Salary

In 2011 the median earnings of an architect was $72,550 annually.

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